Since 1959, the Sarnau Stud have been breeding and producing top quality Palominos, Riding and Welsh (Section B) ponies.

From the foundation palomino stallion, Highlight Cream Puff, producing Sarnau Royal Gold through to today’s only resident palomino stallion, Sarnau Golden Vertex.
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Sarnau Stallions
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Palomino stallions at Sarnau
Welsh stallions
Some of the many
Sarnau Riding

Sarnau Arabis
Sarnau Black Magic
Sarnau Bouquet
Sarnau Castaway
Sarnau Crystal
Sarnau Diplomat
Sarnau Dixie
Sarnau Domino
Sarnau Drumbeat
Sarnau Fandango
Sarnau Firedance
Sarnau Freddy Fox
Sarnau Gay Calypso
Sarnau Gay Gorden
Sarnau Gazelle
Sarnau Golden Falcon
Sarnau Hazel Twig
Sarnau Jason
Sarnau Jonty
Sarnau Kanga
Sarnau Master James
Sarnau Medallion
Sarnau Messenger
Sarnau Merlin
Sarnau Mir
Sarnau Miss Mink
Sarnau Pandora
Sarnau Pole Star
Sarnau Psyche
Sarnau Reflex
Sarnau Roxanne
Sarnau Royal Crusader
Sarnau Royal Shrimp
Sarnau Royal Sovran
Sarnau Salvo
Sarnau Saphire
Sarnau Saturn
Sarnau Silhouette
Sarnau Silver Flint
Sarnau Silver Mist
Sarnau Sir Galahad
Sarnau Sox
Sarnau Spirit
Sarnau Squirrel
Sarnau Star Turn
Sarnau Stowaway
Sarnau Super Nova
Sarnau Swallow
Sarnau Swift
Sarnau Taurus
Sarnau Telstar
Sarnau Tristar
Sarnau Vagabond
Sarnau Valencia
Sarnau Valentina
Sarnau Valentine
Sarnau Valkerie
Sarnau Vanity
Sarnau Vanquish
Sarnau Velvet
Sarnau Venture
Sarnau Venus
Sarnau Vesper
Sarnau Veto
Sarnau Victoria
Sarnau Victory
Sarnau Viking
Sarnau Vinca
Sarnau Viscount
Sarnau Vision
Sarnau Vitality
Sarnau Viva
Sarnau Volante
Sarnau Vulcan

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Sarnau Ponies

Former Stallions at the Sarnau Stud

Litton Talisman

Stable name: 'Jasper'
Lived: 1984 – 2007
Part bred Arab

Sire: Small-land Mascot
Dam: Delbury Selwynna

Shown as a yearling
It was while Litton Talisman was being successfully shown as a yearling, he was judged by Hugh Edwards of the Sarnau Stud.
So impressed was he by this colt, he subsequently bought him.

Litton Talisman’s many, many successful progeny include Australian Champion, Sarnau Victory,
UK champions, Sarnau Medallion,
Sarnau Visco and Sarnau Silhouette

  Litton Talisman

Former Stallion at the Sarnau Stud

Hiddl Max

Lived: 1986 – ?
Part bred Arab

Sire: Malan
Dam: Hiddl Mai

Never shown
Max’s successful progeny include Palomino champion, Sarnau Golden Fax,
and all rounder Sarnau Fancy,

  Hiddl Max

Former Stallion at the Sarnau Stud


Lived: 1966 – ?
Pure bred Arab

Sire: Oran
Dam: Myolanda

Never shown
First seen on Llanybydder mountain side, this Arab Stallion with a superb documented pedigree stretching back to the 1880s,
was soon on long term loan at Sarnau. Malan’s really kind nature has passed on to his many progeny which includes Palomino champions, Sarnau Golden Fanfare, Sarnau Golden Fame, Sarnau Festival of Shepley
plus show pony champion, Sarnau Stowaway


Sarnau Stallions who achieved success elsewhere

Sarnau Valentine Sarnau Golden Falcon Sarnau Venture
Sarnau Valentine Sarnau Golden Falcon – Whalton Stud Sarnau Venture – Denmark

Sarnau Stallions who achieved success elsewhere

Sarnau Victory

Lived: 1988 – 2009

Sire: Litton Talisman
Dam: Sarnau Volante

Exported to Australia

His many, many successful Australian progeny include
National Part Bred Welsh Ridden Champions Merivale Park Celebrity, Llanfairbyrn Victoria and Merivale Park Celebrity and prolific Tasmanian winner, Courtalia Park Sarnau
Sarnau Victory was also the sire of the well known Australian stallion,
Malibu Park Cocoa

To find out more about Sarnau Victory
click here to link to Bremala Riding Ponies, 'home of Sarnau Victory'

  Sarnau Victory

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