Since 1959, the Sarnau Stud have been breeding and producing top class Riding Ponies. From Horse of the Year Show winners such as Sarnau Squirrel and
Sarnau Castaway to Leading Rein / First Ridden Champions Sarnau Royal Shrimp and Sarnau Tirion

Winning stallions have included Sarnau Victory,
Sarnau Valentine and Sarnau Golden Falcon.

Sarnau bred ponies have excelled in Showing, Working Hunter Pony (WHP), Dressage and Jumping to Pony Games, Endurance and Carriage Driving

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Sarnau Arabis
Sarnau Black Magic
Sarnau Bouquet
Sarnau Castaway
Sarnau Crystal
Sarnau Diplomat
Sarnau Dixie
Sarnau Domino
Sarnau Drumbeat
Sarnau Fandango
Sarnau Firedance
Sarnau Freddy Fox
Sarnau Gay Calypso
Sarnau Gay Gorden
Sarnau Gazelle
Sarnau Golden Falcon
Sarnau Hazel Twig
Sarnau Jason
Sarnau Jonty
Sarnau Kanga
Sarnau Master James
Sarnau Medallion
Sarnau Messenger
Sarnau Merlin
Sarnau Mir
Sarnau Miss Mink
Sarnau Pandora
Sarnau Pole Star
Sarnau Psyche
Sarnau Reflex
Sarnau Roxanne
Sarnau Royal Crusader
Sarnau Royal Shrimp
Sarnau Royal Sovran
Sarnau Salvo
Sarnau Saphire
Sarnau Saturn
Sarnau Silhouette
Sarnau Silver Flint
Sarnau Silver Mist
Sarnau Sir Galahad
Sarnau Sox
Sarnau Spirit
Sarnau Squirrel
Sarnau Star Turn
Sarnau Stowaway
Sarnau Super Nova
Sarnau Swallow
Sarnau Swift
Sarnau Taurus
Sarnau Telstar
Sarnau Tristar
Sarnau Vagabond
Sarnau Valencia
Sarnau Valentina
Sarnau Valentine
Sarnau Valkerie
Sarnau Vanity
Sarnau Vanquish
Sarnau Velvet
Sarnau Venture
Sarnau Venus
Sarnau Vesper
Sarnau Veto
Sarnau Victoria
Sarnau Victory
Sarnau Viking
Sarnau Vinca
Sarnau Viscount
Sarnau Vision
Sarnau Vitality
Sarnau Viva
Sarnau Volante
Sarnau Vulcan

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Sarnau Ponies

parade of winners

Recent Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Vulcan

Born: 2012
Part bred Welsh / part bred Arab

Height: 13.hh (132 cm) approx

Sire: Sarnau Golden Vertex
Dam: Sarnau Vinca

2013 shown in hand

placed in top three
in every class entered...
2 x Championship
9 x Reserve Championships
11 x Firsts
3 x Seconds
1 x Third
Welsh Silver medal Winner

Three Counties Show
Bridgend County Show
Pembs County Show
Royal Welsh Show

Sarnau Vulcan for sale

Recent Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Spirit

Born: 2008
Part Bred Welsh

Height: 12.2hh (128cm)

Sire: Sarnau Pedr
Dam: Sarnau Golden Sunbeam

Shown in hand 2009, 2011
and under saddle 2012

As a yearling she won
3 x Championships
4 x Reserve Championships
8 x firsts
including the Royal Welsh Show.

Daughter of show winners Sarnau Pedr and Sarnau Golden Sunbeam.

  Sarnau Spirit

Recent Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Golden Spiral

Born: 2011
Part bred Welsh / part bred Arab

Height: 13.hh (132 cm)

Sire: Sarnau Golden Vertex
Dam: Sarnau Golden Sunbeam

Shown 2012
Res Champion – Cherif Championships
Champion – Usk Show
Champion – Northleach Show
Second – Royal Welsh Show
2 x Firsts and Champion palomino –
Pembrokeshire County Show
2 x Seconds – Three Counties
First / Third –
Wales and Border Counties

Now in the Netherlands

  Sarnau Golden Spiral

More Sarnau Winners

Sarnau Tirion Sarnau Dixie Sarnau Taurus
Sarnau Dixie

Sarnau Taurus

Sarnau Shooting Star Sarnau Kanga
Sarnau Tirion

Sarnau Shooting Star

Sarnau Kanga

Sarnau Medallion Sarnau Valkerie Sarnau Veto
Sarnau Medallion – photo Carol Jones Sarnau Valkyrie Sarnau Veto

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Saturn

Born: 1998 – ?

Sire: Sarnau Golden Vertex
Dam: Sarnau Telstar

Shown by Sarnau
as a 4 year gelding, 2002

Winning several first prizes
including the Champion PBW gelding at WPCS Centenary Show

Sarnau Saturn was sold at the prestigious 2003 High Flyer Fayre Oaks sale,
continued his successful career under saddle

  Sarnau Saturn

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Valentine

Born: 1987 – ?

Sire: Litton Talisman
Dam: Sarnau Volante

Shown by Sarnau
as a yearling, 1988

Winning 20 first prizes
including the Royal Welsh Show

Sarnau Valentine was sold and became a much sought after stallion. His many successful progeny include
Working Hunter Pony Champion,
Millay High Society
Show Hunter Pony winner,
and grandsire to Dressage Pony champions,
Tynycae Sandmartin
and Sheepcote Dancer

  Sarnau Valentine

More Sarnau Winners

Sarnau Venture Sarnau Veleta Sarnau Victoria
Sarnau Venture– Denmark

Sarnau Veleta

Sarnau Victoria

Sarnau Red Velvet Sarnau Winners
Sarnau Red Velvet

Sarnau Mir     Sarnau Viva     Sarnau Golden Voyager
Sarnau Supernova Sarnau Fancy Sarnau Vibrant
Sarnau Supernova Sarnau Fancy Sarnau Vibrant

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Castaway

Born: 1979 – ?

Sire: Malan
Dam: Sarnau Carmen

Shown by Sarnau
as a yearling, 1977

This outstanding part bred Arab, grey gelding, achieved much success in so many different disciplines.

Sarnau Castaway started as a novice Show Pony winning at Royal Windsor Show. Later he was to gain the title Show Hunter Pony of the Year before finally being claimed the Reserve Champion Hack at the Horse of the Year Show.

Click here (and scroll down) to see him in action in 1993

  Sarnau Castaway

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Messenger

Born: 1976 – ?

Sire: Sarnau Parade
Dam: Sarnau Merry

Shown by Sarnau
as a yearling, 1977

This Welsh (Section B) lad had a hugely successful career under saddle, becoming a Champion WHP

  Sarnau Messenger

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Stowaway

Born: 1976 – 2005

Sire: Malan
Dam: Sarnau Swallow

Shown by Sarnau
as a yearling, 1977

This Part Bred Arab, chestnut gelding was sold at a then record breaking price to Tom Hunnable.

Sarnau Stowaway went on to win at many major shows around the UK, including Reserve Champion at the Horse of the Year Show and Champion at the Royal International Horse Show.

See his obituary on Horse and Hound website

  Sarnau Stowaway

More Sarnau Winners

Sarnau Merlin Sarnau Velvet Sarnau Viking
Sarnau Merlin

Sarnau Velvet

Sarnau Viking

Sarnau Black Magic Sarnau Sir Galahad Sarnau Royal Crusader
Sarnau Black Magic – HOYS

Sarnau Sir Galahad – HOYS

Sarnau Royal Crusader – HOYS

Sarnau Swift Sarnau Bouquet Sarnau Lady Devina
Sarnau Swift – Germany Sarnau Bouquet – HOYS Sarnau Lady Devina

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Royal Shrimp

Born: 1973 – ?

Sire: Sarnau Royal Sovran
Dam: Sarnau Royal Imp

Shown by Sarnau
as a two year old, 1975

Champion Riding Pony, chestnut mare
After successfully shown in hand as a 2 year old, including winning at the Royal Welsh Show and Royal of England, she was sold and continued with great showing success under saddle.

Winning both
Leading Rein Pony of the Year
and First Ridden Pony of the Year.

As a brood mare, she was the dam of champion stallion, Lechlade Quince

  Sarnau Royal Shrimp

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Venus

Born: 1964 – ?

Sire: Bwlch Valentino
Dam: My Pretty Maid

Shown by Sarnau
as a yearling, 1965

Daughter of renowned Bwlch Valentino and famous post war show champion, My Pretty Maid. Jane Edwards had previously ridden and cared for My Pretty Maid, whilst working for Mr Lee Smith, who produced Mr Albert Deptford's winning ponies.

Bought in as a very poorly foal, with lots of 't l c', Sarnau Venus rapidly recovered to win as a yearling at the National Pony Show.

Her highly successful showing career continued under saddle. Her many wins included the Royal Welsh, Royal Windsor and Bucks County Shows.

Returning to the Sarnau Stud, Sarnau Venus became a foundation mare, producing the 'V' line of Riding Ponies.

From Show Ponies, Dressage, Pony Games, Endurance and Carriage Driving Ponies, her offspring have been winners across Europe, USA and Australia

  Sarnau Venus

Sarnau Winner

Sarnau Squirrel

Born: 1963 – ?

Sire: Bwlch Valentino
Dam: Sarnau Miss Mink

Riding Pony, grey mare, Sarnau Squirrel.

Pony of the Year 1969

Daughter of Sarnau Miss Mink and full sister to
Pony of the Year, Wingrove Ermine and
outstanding sire, Wingrove Minkino.

  Sarnau Squirrel

More Winners from Sarnau

Rookery Jigsaw Sea Nymph Nicoltoy
Rookery Jigsaw – owned and saddled by Sarnau

Sea Nymph


Drysllwyn Belle Fayre Pal Clonkeen May Morning
Drysllwyn Belle

Fayre Pal

Clonkeen May Morning

Knowle Flashlight Blachford Brandween
Knowle Flashlight Blachford Brandween - Pedigree Dartmoor

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